How It Works

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At jagat.com as a food seeker you discover the best eating places nearest to you by exploring your city or area or find out delicious dishes being served by them.

  1. Craving for a specific dish? Search that dish in jagat.com. Jagat.com helps you discover that dish and additionally the restaurants serving it as additionally their distance from your current location.
  2. Vote up the food that you really liked otherwise you will notice a specific dish that you’re desire.
  3. Jagat.com is sort of a tool which will build your rummage around for food straightforward and correct.
  4. The Weekly Jagat brings locals updates on the newest and greatest restaurants openings & alternative happenings.
  5.  You will be able to recommend your favourite dishes simply by photos and see what others have instructed you.
  6. Look up your location or move and scan the map to fine tune it.
  7. Find your favourite building to check what food spotters and friend love there
  8. Search for the particular dish or building that you’re want by selecting from menu bar.
  9. Also follow the parents, places and food you favour.
  10. Check-in at any eating place and you get reminded of your food preferences therein eating place. You furthermore may get to understand the foremost most popular dishes therein eating place.
  11. Follow friends and experts like Chow or Travel Channel to see what they love.
  12. We transmit a daily notification with updates on new restaurants, details of the newest competition and matters gourmand throughout World. Therefore converge aboard this message to receive your copy.
  13. By exploitation the Jagat Services, together with however not restricted to visiting the Jagat web site or exploitation the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone applications, whether or not as a registered or unregistered user, you acknowledge that.